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Pressure Washers for the Construction Industry

Cleaning Construction Equipment with a Pressure Washer

There’s no denying construction is a messy job. Yet somehow at the end of the project when all the finish work is complete, everything looks sparkling clean. Since our beginning in 1964, we have been helping construction crews tackle their messes with cleaning systems that are geared to take care of muddy machinery, concrete-caked forms and tools, and asphalt spattered equipment. Pressure washing not only makes things look pretty, it protects your investment and keeps your machinery running longer.

Pressure Washer System with Grader

Whether your crew is building homes, pouring concrete, fixing roads, or working on any other construction projects, we have a pressure washer that will help you clean things up at the end of the day. Our builders have crafted our cleaning systems to combine the perfect amount of hot water and pressure to handle built up mud, concrete, grease, asphalt, and other sticky construction materials. You need a power washer that will stand the test of time and hold up to long hours of use. That’s why we build all of our cleaning systems by hand with only top quality materials. In addition, with all of our hot water pressure washers, you will be protected by a 7-year coil warranty from Alkota. When you buy an Alkota system, you can guarantee that you will be taken care of by the builders and sellers of our cleaning systems.

With hundreds of models of commercial grade pressure washers, we will help you find the system that fits your crew and their needs. Depending on the job site and mess, you may need your system to meet certain specifications. Your local dealer will work with you to find the right machine to get the job done - gas, diesel, or electric powered - hot and cold water - mobile or stationary.. If you need something we haven’t created yet, we will custom-build a system just for you. In fact, that’s what we do best. Find out more about our custom pressure washers.