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Pressure Washer LP Gas Heated 4301BA - LP Alkota

Pressure Washer LP Gas Heated 4301BA - LP Alkota Heated Staionary Power Washer
<no value>Pressure Washer LP Gas Heated 4301BA - LP Alkota Heated Staionary Power Washer

Pressure Washer LP Gas Heated 4301BA - LP Alkota

Challenger gas fired hot water pressure washers - You are guaranteed to love Alkota challenger model 4301BA LP gas fired pressure washer for its affordability, durability and serviceability. This gas fired power washers is a stationary, cabinet style unit, running 3.5 GPM @ 3000PSI. This model with a midsize coil, has many different custom options to make this pressure washer work for you. Hot water pressure washers from Alkota feature our industry leading hydro insulated coil. The hydro insulated coil provides user safety and well as money saving performance. Alkota hot water power washers protect you with a 7-year coil warranty and Soft Damping System for protection and long life of coil, pump and high pressure components. Gas fired power washer models provide you a FREE: industrial hose with a swivel end and bend restrictor, professional-grade insulated trigger gun with safety lock, insulated wand for user safety, and quick connect nozzle. Along with all that Alkota provides a winterizing valve to help you protect your investment against freezing. With the support of your local Alkota dealer we can find the correct solution for you.

Flow Rate
3.5 gpm
3000 psi
Steam Capacity
90 gal/hour
Motor Voltage
230 v
Amp Requirement
40 amp
Motor Power
8 hp
Fuel Source
LP Gas
LP Gas Consumption
3.5 gal/h
BTU Rating
365000 Btu
Pump Style
Oil Bath Crankcase|Triplex Ceramic Plunger
Coil Type
Schedule 80
Coil Construction Type
Hydro insulated cold water wrap
Coil Length
170 ft
Coil Inner Diameter
1/2 in
Float Tank
Float Tank Construction Material
Stainless Steel
Standard Parts/Features
Temperature Control / Electronic Ignition / Smart Timer
Chemical Features
High Pressure|Precise Metered
Manufacturing Notes
Motor/Voltage: Special voltages on request. Also available as oil fired model
Exhaust Stack
10 in
55 in
25 in
56.5 in
615 lbs

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