The Alkota coalescing plate oil-water separator removes free oil and solids from water. Effluent from the separator will contain less than 10mg/L of oil droplets larger than 20 microns. The coalescing plate separator will operate continuously or intermittently without affecting performance. Water will be discharged automatically. Oil is removed by a belt type oil skimmer for appropriate disposal. Wastewater is pumped into a chamber designed to equalize flow. The water then passes through the plates of a coalescing media oil attracting, oleophilic material which attracts and retains small oil droplets. As the plates become coated with oil, large droplets shear off and rise quickly to the surface. An oil skimmer with 7-day timer removes the floating oil, which then flows to a contaminant container for disposal. The clarified water meantime passes out of the separator. With the support of your local Alkota dealer we can find the correct coalescing system solution for you.

Coalescing Systems