Dry Steam Generators - The model 246 is a portable dry steam generator. This one of a kind low water volume dry vapor steam cleaner has many industrial applications. The primary use for the 246 is cured-in-place liners in the trenchless pipe repair industry. Along with use in the trenchless pipe repair industry, the 246 is used thawing frozen drains, tanks, piping systems, culverts, also used by street and highway departments, manufacturing and processing plants, pipelines, and other industries. Other uses include: Thawing railroad tank cars to accelerate removal of viscous liquid contents. Degassing fuel tanks for welding preparation. Melting and removing wax or grease from traps and drains in wastewater treatment plants, oil refineries, and for similar use in other industries. Industrial steam cleaners from Alkota feature our industry leading hydro insulated coil. The hydro insulated coil provides user safety and well as money saving performance. Alkota steam cleaners protect you with a 7-year coil warranty. Along with all that Alkota provides a winterizing valve to help you protect your investment against freezing. With the support of your local Alkota dealer we can find the correct solution for you.

Dry Stream Generators